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  • introduction

    Project and Project Management Professional

    Thank you for visiting and for wanting to know more about me.


    Having had the fortunate opportunities in business and directorship, combined with a history of hard work, hardship and humble beginnings, I have been blessed with a gift to organize, consult, teach and connect. Connect with the sole proprietor, small business owner, or the mid-size organization who find themselves struggling to balance work, projects or business development with co-workers, family and life.


    My strength comes from: Education, Life experiences, On the job lessons learned, Hard work, Surrounding myself with intelligent people, Remembering my beginnings and Continuous self-learning.


    From these experiences, I have been able to attain and maintain positive relationships with numerous clients and community members. I integrate life and work for myself and my clients, however sometimes, business is business, and you have to get things done!


    If you are ready to take the bull By The Horns and make a move, take action and get started, then reach out! Let us get to know each other.




    "Pamela has many skills which served her clients, her staff and the programs she supervised well." Cathy Turnbull, VP, YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region


    "Pamela is an inspiring and encouraging business consultant who works with her clients in a practical manner, providing straightforward advice, tangible and tactile and tailored to each entrepreneur she works with.", Michael Oster, President, Ottawa Community Loan Fund.


    "She brings a solid approach to helping business owners overcome their challenges and reach their goals." Peter Stewart, Business Coach, Rhapsody Strategies


    "Her passion, enthusiasm and commitment to encouraging entrepreneurs changed my life." Jarrod Goldsmith, Founder, eSAX, Sax Appeal.


    "She was an integral part of growing our new Radical Science division. ", Paul Goulet, Little Ray's Reptile Zoo.


    Community Involvement:





        Project Management Studies

        Algonquin College. 2019 - 2021

        Graduate - Algonquin College, Ottawa. 

        ODAWA Native Friendship Centre

        Program Facilitator - Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program - Feb 2017 – Mar 2017

        Contracted Business Facilitator for ODAWA's Entrepreneurship Program.


        I had the pleasure of developing and delivering a customized 8-week workshop series for adult participants.


        Sample of topics covered: Transferable essential skills training; Confidence development; Introduction to business; Marketing; Budgeting

        Invest Ottawa

        Program Manager - Summer Company Program - Apr-2016 - Sept 2016

        Contracted Business Advisor and Program Development/Operations for the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDI) Summer Company (Business development) program.


        Coordinated and operated all aspects of this government-funded program. (Development; Administration; Reporting; Data analysis)


        Summer Company is geared for youth ages 16 to 29 who are pursuing entrepreneurship training and launch over the summer months.

        YMCA-YWCA Enterprise Centre

        Director Jan 2014 – Apr 2016

        Responsible for the management and operation of the Y Enterprise Centre, a community staple for training and education related to entrepreneurship and self-employment; Business Development consultations and training.

        • I led staff through the deliverables of a provincially funded entrepreneurship program, The Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program (OSEB)
        • Organizational oversight and accountability for nearly 200 aspiring new business owners each year
        • Maintained and managed continuous development of a high standard business start-up curriculum
        • Event coordinator and logistics manager for the popular Y Biz Expo, an annual event that showcases over 100 new businesses to the Ottawa business community and the work of the Y Enterprise Centre
        • Maintained and meet all program mandates, budgets and milestones
        • Host of monthly Y Enterprise Centre/OSEB Networking events, which consist of current and past OSEB participants, the public, members of Ottawa’s business community and community guest speakers
        • Responsible for community outreach and promotion of the Y Enterprise Centre

        Additional programs under my supervision were: Financial Literacy “MY Money Works,” a partnership with the Ottawa Mission and supported by SEDI; Youth Gambling Awareness Program, High School Entrepreneurship Outreach Program.

        YMCA-YWCA Enterprise Centre

        Interim Acting Director Dec 2013 – Jan 2014

        Responsible for the management and operation of the Y Enterprise Centre, a community staple for training and education related to entrepreneurship and self-employment.

        I led staff through the deliverables of a provincially funded entrepreneurship program. The Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program (OSEB)

        Organizational oversight and accountability for nearly 200 aspiring new business owners

        Additional programs under my supervision were: Financial Literacy “MY Money Works,” a partnership with the Ottawa Mission and supported by SEDI; Youth Gambling Awareness Program, High School Entrepreneurship Outreach Program.

        YMCA-YWCA Enterprise Centre

        Business Consultant - OSEB Feb 2011 – Nov 2013

        The role of Business Consultant for the YMCA-YWCA OSEB program has to have been my most fulfilling yet.

        I am inspired at the individuals who have the dream to succeed, the desire to run their own business and to take control of their lives. This is a passion I completely understand.

        I assisted those that qualified for this program in all areas of business development - (Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Financials, and Sales)


        I also worked with a team of amazing consultants in developing and delivering various presentations and workshops as part of the learning process for our qualified clients.

        Radical Science by Little Ray's

        Manager of Marketing and Outreach Nov 2009 – Oct 2010

        I was Manager of Operations and Development for an exciting new division of Little Ray's Reptile Zoo! Radical Science – A hands-on interactive curriculum science workshops, entertainment and summer camps.


        I created company relationships and awareness within the community. I managed sales, marketing, administration, staff, scheduling, and inventory and program development.


        It was a unique one-year contract to develop and launch a great addition to Little Ray's educational services.

        Mad Science of Ottawa

        Owner/Operator Oct 2001 – Nov 2009

        I was a previous Owner/Director of a children's science education, entertainment franchise in the Ottawa area. I took over the remaining seven years of a ten-year Ottawa, Northern Ontario territory term.


        The services that expanded throughout Northern Ontario were funded by INAC, delivering science education camps to many of our first peoples.
        I maintained an operating staff of thirty-five instructors, teachers and entertainers.


        Additional responsibilities were inventory management, equipment and chemical safety and company administration.


        Along with presenting workshops myself, I was the Public Spokesperson for the Ottawa Franchise – appearing in interviews, live on-site programming with the A-Channel Breakfast, CHEO-Heart Telethon, Live Children's variety hour, and many others other charity and public fundraising appearances.

        Butler Home Maintenance

        Creator/Owner Operator - Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services, Small Home Repair Mar 1999 – Apr 2003

        I created a local cleaning and small home repair company in Gatineau (Aylmer), Quebec.


        I grew the company with direct marketing strategies, door-to-door visits and perseverance. I was soon growing the company to 3 teams of women - 3 women per team!


        After almost four years in business, expanding throughout the Gatineau and Outaouais area, I successfully sold the company, which under new management is still operational!
        My next adventure was Franchise ownership!

      • SKILLS

        Relevant Experience

        Business Development

        Eighteen years of personal and professional SME development, strategic planning and consultations.

        • Not-for-profit
        • Service Industry
        • Trades
        • Retail
        • Manufacturing
        • Children Services
        • Animal/Pet services
        • Technology Services & Development
        • Education & Training
        • Health, Fitness & Wellness
        • Food and Restaurant

        Project Management

        Seven years of diverse experience and consultations.

        • Secured a winning bid for the YMCA, in four days, for a $70k Technology Fund; Offered by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU)
        • Creator and manager of the YBiz Expo, an entrepreneurship showcase event coordinated with and held at Ottawa City Hall.
        • Co-planning committee member for the Ottawa Public Library’s entrepreneurship NEON event.
        • Committee member for Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership
        • Developed and executed a youth entrepreneurship program delivery model for Invest Ottawa’s Summer Company Program.
        • Strategic planning consultant for the Council of Canadians with Disabilities
        • Marketing and strategic planning facilitator for the Ottawa Community Loan Fund

        Leadership, Management & Human Resources

        Eighteen years of personal, private sector and not-for-profit leadership.

        • Operated successfully in numerous team leadership roles
        • Responsible for supervising various team sizes (7 to 35) and developing their growth potential
        • Executed various human resource requirements both independently and in conjunction with senior management
        • Approved and managed overall personnel planning for multiple levels of staffing
        • Allocated material, human and financial resources to implement organizational policies and programs
        • Prepared reports and briefs for management committees evaluating staff and team goals
        • Coordinated internal and external training and recruitment activities

        Operations Management

        18 years of experience in a variety of operations management roles

        • Consulted over 250 businesses and organizations on various strategic operations planning, execution and management.
        • Ensured both private enterprise and various associations standards of operating procedures (client service standards, programs and promotions) were efficiently executed by internal and external team members
        • Established a fun, safe, academic and community-focused reputation in Ottawa that delivered high customer satisfaction and experiential learning
        • Monitored multiple business images 
        • Actively maintained a presence as a role model for employees’ behaviour by conducting job shadowing and on-the-job employee reviews

        Financial Management, Administration & Growth

        18 years of experience in business growth, administration, sales and analysis

        • Increased franchise revenue from $220k to $400k over three years
        • Franchisee award for incremental growth, three years in a row
        • Oversaw and tracked the sales strategies for three personal companies and over 250 local businesses. Developed realistic sales goals and trained staff and clients to reach those goals.
        • Developed long-range plans and negotiated business contracts
        • Timely and effective monthly, quarterly and annual financial analysis and reporting for both internal and governmental requirements.

        Event Management & Public Speaking

        18 years of various event planning/execution and public speaking

        • YBiz - Business Showcase (City Hall)
        • CHEO Heart telethon - Live variety hour
        • Numerous appearances on Ottawa's Breakfast television - A Channel
        • Bethany Hope Ventures – Entrepreneurship for young and new parents
        • ULTC – Public Speaking and Leadership Development for youth
        • NEON – New Entrepreneurs of Ottawa Network (OPL) – Public speaking, event planner and co-host
        • Mad Science of Ottawa – Public speaking, entertainment performances live and on television, numerous television and radio interviews

        Coordination, IT & Technologies

        Five years experience overseeing various departmental and program needs

        • Coordinated work across multiple departments
        • Initiated, collaborated and oversaw technical process improvements to various programs
        • Initiated and oversaw the development of a virtual learning model for the Y Enterprise Centre’s entrepreneurship program


        22 years of volunteering and direct work with a variety of NFP's

        • YMCA YWCA of the National Capital Region
        • ODAWA Native Friendship Centre
        • OLIP
        • OCLF
        • Salvation Army - Bethany Hope Centre
        • Girl Guides of Canada

        Testimonials come from all areas of my life. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to have learned something from each one of them.

        Cathy Turnbull

        Senior Vice President at YMCA-YWCA


        Pamela has many skills which served her clients, her staff and the programs she supervised well.


        Pamela is incredibly organized and skilled at program and event coordination.


        Another strong ability of Pamela’s is her data collection and dissemination.


        Pamela has also shown a great aptitude for client service over the years as both a business consultant and program director.


        Peter Stewart

        Business Coach at Rhapsody Strategies

        I have known Pamela for several years, and have seen her work with many different entrepreneurs and business owners. She brings a solid approach to helping business owners overcome their challenges and reach their goals.


        She works by educating, supporting, and motivating them in everything from the basics of running a business, to marketing, customer service, and sales.

        Jarrod Goldsmith

        Leader and Founder of Sax Appeal and eSAX

        She was one of the very first people who helped me realize what being an entrepreneur is all about. Her passion, enthusiasm and commitment to encouraging entrepreneurs changed my life.

        Pamela has a huge wealth of knowledge about anything to do with marketing and sales. Her knowledge played a big part in why both of my businesses have achieved the kind of success they have!

        Paul 'Little Ray' Goulet

        Owner/Operator at Little Ray's Reptile Zoo Inc.

        I have personally had the privilege of having Pam run a division of Little Ray's Reptile Zoo for a couple years. She was an integral part of growing our new Radical Science division. Pam was always enthusiastic, hard working, and had a true sense of ownership to whatever she was doing. This last trait in particular will make Pam a true asset to any team she joins. Thank you for all your hard work and support over the years.

        Smith & Barber - Sculpture Atelier Inc.

        Stone Carver / Stonemason

        Pamela was an integral part of getting our business off the ground. She made time to discuss issues related to our operation.


        We feel that our company has greatly benefited from Pamela's advice and experience. Thanks for all your help Pamela!

        Sihem Benali

        Founder, Biosecrets Cosmetics

        Pamela was my business adviser while I was launching my business .


        On top of her experience and professionalism she has this special sharp vision and advice that obviously come from her extensive business background. She is part of my business success .


        Endless thank you !

        Ismail Maach

        Injury-Centred Engineering

        Pam is an inspiring business consultant with a heightened practical sense consistent with her hands-on experience gained previously as an owner of many businesses.

        Despite the highly specialized nature of my business, Pam was able to readily grasp its whys and wherefores and help me successfully identifying opportunities to reach my objectives.

        Rouida Kandalaft

        Floral designer, Horticulturist & The Owner of Millennium Blossoms

        Pamela Eastwood is a great business consultant and a wonderful person, full of energy and creative ideas - which helped me improve my business!


        I highly recommend her for anyone who is interested in building a successful business.

        Wilma de Zeeuw

        Counsellor & Coach in private practice

        "Why not?"Is what Pamela asked me in one of our very first meetings.


        These two simple words, were exactly what I needed to hear to get going in making my business dream a reality.

        Vanessa Bishop

        FlowersInspire,Floral Designer, Horticulturalist, Event Coordinator

        Pam is an amazing business coach. She is resourceful and has a creative business flare.


        Her experience in business has helped her provide excellent coaching services for the OSEB program.

        Barbara Legace

        Owner of "My Little White Dog"

        Pamela's enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor is why I contacted her to consult on my business. Her unwavering commitment to helping my business grow and succeed went above and beyond.

        Jillian Morgan

        Primordial Software Group

        Pamela has the best qualities of the tireless worker bee and the relentless oversight and managerial skill of the Queen bee all rolled into one.


        She will take on any task with gusto, and out-perform all expectations. Her organisational skills alone would increase any Fortune 500 company's productivity, and drive down their bottom line.


        Pamela will stop at nothing to get the job done, on time, under budget, and with the utmost attention to quality and detail.

        Majeed Mogharreban

        Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker

        It was a privilege to work with Pamela at YMCA delivering the Ontario Self Employment Benefits Program. She was very organised in all of her work, especially in project management. She always had the needs of her clients at heart and would go the extra mile to help them.

        She is an assertive communicator to get the job done and make sure her clients stay focused, while at the same time she is fun and compassionate. I highly recommend working with Pamela.

        Jennifer Sarumi

        Portfolio Entrepreneur and Business Development Consultant

        I have enjoyed working with Pamela at the OSEB Program. She is a very motivated and organized individual.


        She works very hard at preparing relevant and up to date material for her seminars and assisting her clients in building the best businesses possible.


        She is a pleasure to work with on outreach and networking projects.

        Denis Aubin DES Economist, Professional Engineer and DTM


        Pamela has several excellent skills which make her a relatable “go-getter” and professional Business Consultant.


        She has a talent for seeking the information she needs by listening to the client, then, step by step, helping them navigate towards their goals.


        I have always been well served by the quality of her work and her timely deliveries.

        Sunita Sharma

        Owner and Manager at SUNITA'S

        Some people infuse excitement and adventure in others just by being near them. Pamela is one of those people.


        I met Pamela as my business consultant at YMCA-YWCA. After a couple of meetings with her, my nervousness was gone. I felt like I knew Pamela as a friend for years. At times I felt like I was going backwards with my business but she pulled me forward and walked beside me.


        She brought out the best in me my confidence level boomed. She is full of energy and novel ideas that lead one to success. She is a business consultant par excellence.

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        Rockland, Ontario
        Monday through Friday
        9:00 am to 4:00 pm

        Algonquin College

        Project Management Studies: Completed 2021

        Ottawa University

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        Travel and Tourism and Travel Services Management 

        Philemon Wright High School

        High School Diploma